Basic Weather
Celebrate the highs, weather the lows.
Your new daily weather app. With GIFs.

The relief of that first crisp autumn day. The disappointment of rain all weekend. The freedom of an unexpected snow day.

Emotions are complicated. The weather should be basic.

Basic Weather is a free weather app that celebrates the highs and weathers the lows. We curate the internet's best weather GIFs and match them to your daily forecast. Enjoy them yourself or share them with a friend.

Download Basic Weather for iOS now.

Daily weather notification

We'll send you a push notification every morning with today’s weather and a hand-matched GIF designed to make you smile.

Simple and swipeable

Open the app any time and swipe through your five-day weather forecast. All the info you need, nothing you don’t.

Share with friends

Impress and delight your friends by sharing the internet's best weather GIFs.

Pinpoint accuracy

Basic Weather may be a party in the front, but it's serious science in the back.

What is Basic Weather?

It's a weather app that delivers daily weather paired with the internet's best, hand-matched GIFs.

How much does it cost?

Zero dollars. It's free for now.

How accurate is the weather?

Extremely. Basic Weather is powered by the most accurate real-time weather data available.

Is it available for Android?

Not yet. But maybe someday. 🤖